Shows & Sales


        All students are welcome and encouraged to invite family and

         friends to come and see their work from classes this session.

Celebration Bowls - show 2009

Leslie Greeneisen  “Of Matisse”

Debbie Liberman - “Sweet Lemons”

Debbie Liberman - “Cosmo”

Kathy Sandberg “Sweet Earth”

Joe Conti “The Runs”

Barb VanPelt  “Expect The Unexpected”

Anna Marie Wagner “Gathering Bowl”

Margaret Nowak  “Green Leaves”

Jill Maki  “Untitled”

Barb Gibson “Wish Bowl”

Carolyn Hook “Celebrate Spring”

Donna Williams “Carbon Trap”

Anne Borrello  “Nectar”

Valerie Stanislawski “Softly Metallic”

Kris Darby “Bowl of Spring”

Ruth Price  “Yellow Brick Road”

Pat Simes-Saumier “Trial By Fire”